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Enviroworx is a consultancy based in central KZN, that provides professional pest control and environmental services throughout the Midlands and Coastal region. Our team of WESSA certified Alien Invasive Specialists PCSIB certified pest control officers and experienced environmental consultants work with developers, land owners, attorneys and estate agents to help all meet the demands of today's environmental legislation.


Nemba Act
AIS Declarations

Alien Invasive Species Declarations for every property sale as is required by Nemba Act AIS Regulations (2014)
Pest Control
and Inspections

We are PCIB certified pest inspectors and pest control officers. We identify termites, wood rot, and woodborer for property sales to provide Certificates of Clearance (COCs)
Environmental Land
Management Plans

We create a variety of management plans, for example: Rehabilitation Plans, Farm Management Plans, Invasive Species Control Plans and Conservation Plans

Whatever your environemental consulting needs we can provide it. From Development Applications, EMPrs, Water Use Applications to ECO work


We work largely with the Nemba Act Alien Invasive Species (AIS) Regulations providing professional service to attorneys, estate agents and sellers who require an AIS Declaration for the sale of their house. Since this law was gazzeted in October 2014 we have been working closely with WESSA and the Department of Environmental Affairs to help people in the property market become compliant. We aim to bring stress free, fast and efficient service to our clientele, keeping them free from liability and complaint with the new legistlation.

The NEMBA Act Alien Invasive Species Regulations were gazzeted in October 2014. The enforcement of these new laws are in full effect with the possiblility of a max fine of R10 million or jail time.

EnviroWorx works closely with WESSA and the Department of Environmental Affairs to host workshops for Attorneys, Agents, and the Public.

Declaration Certificates
Since October 2014 all property transfers require an Alien Invasive Species (AIS) Declaration by law. Enviroworx specialises in AIS Declarations. Find our instruction form below.

Farm Management Plans
We provide owners who manage large properties with invasive control and management plans in order to satifsfy CARA and NEMBA legislation requirements
Environmental Management Programs (EMPrs)
Enviroworx consults with property developers and the Department of Environmental Affairs
Alien Invasive Species Control Plans
We work with large land owners to develop management and control plans for a variety of invasive plant infestations.
Rehabilitation Plans
We work with companies, organisations and developers to create rehabilitation plans for a variety of impacted and degraded areas. From rehabilitation post mining operations to simple rehabilitation after construction or development, and rehabilitation after invasive plant clearing programs.

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